Fake cosmetics engulf the market:
Low-quality and counterfeit cosmetics are abundant in Dhaka, its outskirts, and rural areas. Such subpar cosmetics can cause skin cancer, making millions of Bangladeshi users vulnerable. The selling and manufacturing of fake products significantly expanded during COVID-19 due to lower production and imports of popular brands. Law enforcement organizations have raided various places recently, and BSTI has seized fake cosmetics worth Tk 8.3 crore from 15 factories.

Counterfeit products and their potential health hazards:
Unknowingly people are being exposed to different diseases from copied cosmetics items manufactured using harmful ingredients. The hazardous ingredients of fake cosmetics can lead to various skin diseases, and prolonged use can cause malignancy. Researchers found excessive mercury, lead, and chromium levels in fairness creams and other products available on the market*. Fake beauty products like face creams, face powder, soap, lotion, shampoo, face-wash, lipstick, nail polish, and makeup remover are being openly sold in most beauty shops in the country.

Remark will guarantee authenticity:
A section of dishonest manufacturers produces knock-off products, taking advantage of irregular monitoring. More drastic measures will have to be taken to stop the production of such products.

The imitative producers use containers and labels of reputed international brands to deceive consumers. Therefore, it is challenging to differentiate them from the real ones. Buyers also need to be aware while making a purchase. Remark has decided to step in with an innovative solution to this problem. Each Remark product will have a QR code to identify its originality, and consumers can easily verify it. Upon scanning the QR Code printed on the product label, the end user is informed about the authenticity and distribution zone of the product. The QR Code will expire after a certain period to denote the product’s expiry date. Anyone who wishes to check genuineness can scan the QR Code, view details on the official database, and match these details with those printed on the label.

Source*: https://bangladeshpost.net/posts/fake-cosmetics-flood-market-85017

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