Bangladesh’s cinema and cricket, two of the country’s most prominent arenas, are set to witness the collaboration of two towering figures, Shakib Khan and Shakib Al Hasan. Both individuals have carved out their own niches, representing Bangladesh on the global stage. Their influence extends far and wide, both domestically and internationally.


The already remarkable relationship between Shakib Khan and Shakib Al Hasan is set to further blossom. Shakib Khan, the renowned superstar, has initiated official proceedings with his corporate venture with Remark and Herlan. The popular actor has been appointed as one of the directors of this prestigious multinational brand.


Now, cricket maestro Shakib Al Hasan is set to join Shakib Khan’s company as a brand ambassador. The products of Shakib Khan’s company, particularly the home care and home cleaning brand “Tilex,” will be endorsed by the Member of Parliament from Magura-1 constituency.


In a significant development, on Saturday (March 9), at 11:00 AM, a signing ceremony between Shakib Khan and Shakib Al Hasan took place at a hotel in the capital. This event marks the first time these two superstars from the worlds of cinema and cricket come together in the presence of the media.


Meanwhile, fans eagerly await the release of Shakib Khan’s highly anticipated film “Rajkumar” during Eid. Most of the shooting for this movie has been completed in various states of the United States. Additionally, this month, he will be heading to Chennai for the shooting of another film titled “Toofan,” which is set to be released during Eid-ul-Azha.

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