Every piece of plastic ever created still exists in our world. Plastic pollution poses a significant threat to our environment. Product containers are one of the most critical contributors to plastic waste. The growing rate of plastic production raises problems in many areas of our society. It is also threatening our oceans and wildlife.

Biodegradable plastics are developed from polymers that degrade faster than traditional petroleum-based plastics. Organisms such as bacteria and fungi break down biodegradable resins and turn them back into natural materials. Our everyday one-time-use plastic consumer product packaging can be replaced by a biodegradable resin equivalent. This will potentially reduce 50% of the bulk of what is thrown into landfills and our water sources.

Remark is researching the possibilities of using biodegradable resin in their product packaging as a part of their sustainable environmental goals. The use of biodegradable resin can be both broad and specific. It relies on the requirements and use of the final product. The next few years will be exciting for the bioplastic market and consumers. Consumers can make informed decisions and choose products and packaging that have a positive impact.

When we hear of plastic pollution, we can feel hopeless about our situation. But it is seen that small changes by millions of people add up and can make a significant impact. On a larger scale, we can also influence businesses and governments to embrace long-lasting solutions.

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